Tile, Grout and Ceramic Cleaning

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Tile, Grout and Ceramic Cleaning


Tile, Grout and Ceramic Cleaning



Tile Cleaning:

We at Like New Cleaning decided to expand our service to more than just carpet and rugs, finding similar processes in Tile, Grout and Ceramic Cleaning. LNC teamed up with a partner, Kevin Chase (aka “The Tile Guy” who is a life long Sarasota Bradenton resident and has been amazing clients with his knowledge of Tile, Grout and Ceramic Cleaning, as well as Carpet Cleaning for over 15 years) and together we have tackled some of the toughest, dirtiest jobs you have ever seen.

How We Perform Tile, Grout and Ceramic Cleaning

 Lets start with our equipment: Depending on the circumstances, we have both a powerful portable extractor or industry specific truck mounted equipment available. Both perform at the same level and uses just water and vacuum extraction along with gentle machine was or hand scrubbing when needed.

The water jets glide along in a smooth plastic based housing that keeps the water inside (no over spray) so it gently cleans the surfaces while the vacuum immediately removes the water.
Our detergents are PH Balanced which leaves your Tile, Grout and Ceramic floors dry, residue free and shiny.
Dry times are minimal (1-2 hours), allowing you to use the surfaces quickly. Specialized sealers are also available to ensure your grout Stays Like New!
Basic repairs are also available.
Take a look at some of our Before and Afters pictures and see for yourself the results of having Like New Cleaning come out and clean your Tile, Grout and Ceramic floors.





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