Hardwood Floor Care

Hardwood Floor Care

To keep your Hardwood floor looking beautiful Like New Cleaning is providing you with some Care & Maintenance tips.

  • It is very important to only use the product, that  we provide you to clean your Hardwood Floors. If at any point you should need more, please give us a call.

  • Do not use wax or silicone-based polishes or cleaners. Some wood flooring cleaners sold at your local store may actually make the floor more difficult to clean and may create problems when the floor requires refinishing.

  • At least once a week use the product we provide to you and Microfiber Mop (provided to you) to thoroughly clean your floor.

  • Vacuum, sweep or dust mop your  floor as needed to remove any dirt and debris tracked in from the outside or food dropped on the floor. We recommend using a microfiber mop to clean your floor however, should you decide to vacuum, your vacuum head must be brush or felt. Never use Vacuums with beater bars or hard heads.

  • Wipe up all spills immediately, never allowing liquid to stay on your floor for any length of time.

  • The use of breathable material floor mats is recommended  in high traffic areas and doorways, never use a rubber-backed mat, as they can discolor your floor. Using mats in such places as in front of your sink and stove or at doorway entrances protects the floor from dirt, debris and other materials that can wear down your floor and prevents them from being tracked through the home.

  • Although you have a hardwood floor, it is still susceptible to “scratches”. To cut down the chances of scratching your floor:

Keep your animals nails cut

Avoid wearing high heels and spiked shoes.

Place felt pads under furniture that is moved frequently.

Do not slide heavy furniture across the floor. Lift it to move it.

  • It is recommended to maintain a beautiful floor you schedule a light cleaning once a year and a deep cleaning and refinishing once a year (basically having your floor maintained every 6 months)with Like New Cleaning (depending on the finish you have chosen, in some cases a refinish may only be needed every 2-3 years).