Furniture Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

Just like Carpets, your upholstery  will look better and last longer with periodic professional Furniture Cleaning.

Think about how much your furniture gets used daily. You may sit and read or watch tv, lay down and nap on that couch of yours, maybe the kids do their homework there or even the family pet makes a nice cozy place to relax.

The oils from our skin, our pets skin will eventually settle into the fabric and leave a stain or residue.

Last nights dinner may have fallen out of your mouth and into the seat at the kitchen or dining room table.

The snack you have at night while watching a good movie or reading a great book may have accidentally jumped out of your mouth and right onto your cushions.

Anyone of these things could have happened or maybe your furniture is many years old and you just want that Like New finish back. We can help!

How We Clean

We again use the same dirt attracting water, mixed with numerous gentle, but effective detergents to ensure the soils are removed, and the fabrics are left soft and clean.

 We also clean most leathers, using industry specialized detergents accepted by all leading leather manufacturers.

We use a variety of processes from dry foam to hot water extraction (“steam”)  depending on what is appropriate for the  fabric being cleaned.

Top of the line fabric protectors are also available (and HIGHLY recommended) to ensure your Like New Cleaning lasts and lasts.