Stains We’ve Removed

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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Stains We’ve Removed

One of the biggest customer issues we hear daily ay Like New Cleaning is:


Can you get this (insert whatever spot/stain you have here) out of my


By being able to answer YES to that question almost every time, we’ve saved our clients an un-told amount of money, time, and frustration.

We learned early on in that successful carpet cleaning was most often judged by the Stains We’ve Removed, so we have dedicated ourselves to being the absolute BEST at stain removal.


So please, Please, PRETTY Please with Sugar on Top, Puh-LEEESE call Like New Cleaning of Sarasota/Bradenton NOW at: (941)702-4651 before your replace your carpet (or pull your hair out trying a bunch of stuff that most likely won’t work anyway)!


We know you’ve probably tried a bunch of things on it, and maybe had other professionals tell you that it can’t be done (and they may be correct), but we find in MANY, MANY cases they are not!

So, the following is as complete a list as possible of the Stains We’ve Removed. To make it easier for you we’ve done our best to sort the Stains We’ve Removed out alphabetically.

Our Guarantee to you:


If you call us, and we cannot remove the stain you have we will not charge you a single, solitary penny! We only charge for success, not for attempts. Bottom line – if we can’t get it out – it’s not coming out!


And, if you have a stain that isn’t on our Stains We’ve Removed list, we’d love to add it to our list!

So, despite the fact you might be thinking it’s hopeless to call Like New Cleaning of Sarasota/Bradenton NOW at: (941)702-4651 do it anyway.You’ll be glad you did!

A, B, C, D, E

Asphalt, Asphalt Track Off

Baby Powder, Balms, Beer, Bird Droppings, Bleach Spots, Bleach Stain BEFORE and AFTER Carpet Cleaning Sarasota FLBlood, Body Lotions, Body Oils, Bowel Movements (Fecal Matter), Burns

Candy, Cat Vomit, Caulk, Cheese Sauce, Chocolate, Chocolate Syrup, Cigarette Ashes, Cigarette Smoke, Coffee, Coffee Creamer, Cola, Construction Adhesive, Cooking Grease, Craft Glue, Crayon

Diaper Cream, Dog Oils, Dog/Cat Hair, Duct Tape, Dyes

Essential Oils, Eye Liner

F,G, H, I, J

Fingernail Polish, Carpet Cleaning Sarasota FLFish Oil, Furniture Dents (Nylon Carpet Only), Furniture

Glue, Graphite, Grass Stains, Grease, Green Slime, Grill Grease, Gum

Hair Dye

Ice Cream, Ink (Ball Point Pen, Jelly, Markers)

K, L, M, N, O



Maple Syrup, Marker (All Types), Mascara, Mayonnaise, Meat Juice, Medicine(S), Melted Cheese, Milk, Mud, Mustard (All Types), Mystery Stains


Oil (All Types), Olive Oil

P, Q, R, S

Paint (Oil),Carpet Cleaning Bradenton FL Paste, Peanut Butter, Peanut Oil, People Vomit, Permanent Marker, Pizza Sauce, Printer Ink, Punch, Puppy After Birth

Red Juice, Red Wine, Rips, Rust

Salsa, Salt/Ice Melt, Shampoo, Silly Putty, Smoke Damage, Soap, Sock Fuzz, Soot, Spaghetti Sauce, Spray Paint (Tempura), Water Based

T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Track Off, Tanning Oils, Tar, Tea, Tears

Unknown, Urine (All Types)Carpet Cleaning Sarasota FL

Wax, Wing Sauce

Yellow Highlighter, Yellow Mustard

Zinc Oxide, Zippered Or Pulling Seams





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