How to Prepare

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How to Prepare

Often we are asked what should we have ready for you when you come? This page is a How to prepare for a Like New Cleaning. We would like to start y saying thank you for trusting us with your home and furnishings. When we’re finished your home will be sparkling, fresh, and beautiful.

Here are some suggestions to help both of us.


Before Like New Cleaning Arrives


1. Remove small items such as lamps, pictures, etc. from any furnishings to be moved.

2. Please advise your technician of special needs when moving furniture (weak legs, loose tops etc.)

3. We request you move all small furniture (anything one small person can EASILY move). Included would be dining room chairs, magazine racks, plants, floor lamps etc.

4. Please remove/pin up any sensitive draperies, bedding, table coverings, or skirts that are touching the carpet.



During Cleaning


1. Please call to our attention any areas of concern that may require special techniques, and if possible identify the staining agent and any cleaners used (if possible).  We have specialized training in handling these areas.

2. For your peace of mind (and ours) our process requires a bit of space so it’s best to determine
in advance a place outside the home where your family and pets can go during cleaning.


Furniture Moving


1. We are happy to move sofas, loveseats, chairs, tables, and other basic furnishings. We use specially designed “sliders” to protect the furniture and carpet.  For both our safety we don’t move furniture from room to room

2. For your safety and ours, We choose not to move Grandfather Clocks, Pianos and Organs, Major Appliances, Entertainment Centers (any size), Any item with electronics on it, File Cabinets, Hutches/Curios and Dressers, Beds, Office Furniture, and other over sized items.

3. We do not move larger furniture for two reasons:

A) .Usually all that’s behind/under it is dust (that can be removed by vacuuming)
B).  It’s a huge liability to both you and us.  If beds need to be moved the mattresses
must be disassembled prior to our arrival. You may leave the frame assembled.  If rare
conditions exist where we must move any bed or dresser a minimum charge of $25 will be
incurred per item.

After your Like New Cleaning


1. You may walk on freshly cleaned carpet with clean shoes or slippers.  Try to keep children and pets from lying on carpet until it’s dry.  Avoid returning carpet to normal use until it’s completely dry.

2. We protect moved furniture by placing it on plastic tabs/blocks. To avoid damage do
not remove Tabs/blocks or replace any area rugs for at least 72 hours (3 days)
.  If you need help removing them, let us know!

3. Some larger, deep, or oily stains may resurface after cleaning. Please make us aware if this happens. We have a special reduced rate for re-occurring stains.

4. Giving the carpet a very complete vacuuming the day after it’s fully dry is ideal.

Drying Time


We at Like New Cleaning do everything possible to leave your cleaned items as
dry as possible.  There are several factors that affect drying time with examples being:

type and volume of soils
type and density of
application of protectors. 

Airflow is the #1 way to get carpet dry faster. 

Turning your thermostat fan switch to on will circulate air, and if you have fans available we will set them up as soon as we finish an area.  Normal drying time is 2-4  hours.  Some conditions can take up to 24.



We do everything possible, here at Like New Cleaning to reduce or eliminate odors. However 100% success is hardly ever achieved in one step. Also, for several days after cleaning you may notice an elevated odor due to higher humidity levels.

Please keep us informed after the cleaning to see if we can work  together and find a solution to any odor related issues, we have a special reduced rate for second call deodorizing. 

Finally, Relax. Our goal is to give you the best carpet cleaning experience ever.  Your help will allow us to do that. Please don’t overdo it. Your friends and neighbors trust us.  So relax and let us show you why.





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