About Us

So you want to know About Us, and Like New Cleaning loves to share.

Since 1995 we have simply awed clients all over the country with our talent and knowledge of Carpet, Rug and Furniture cleaning (adding in Wood, Tile and Marble).

We have a passion for delivering the best cleaning experience to our clients, whether you ave a small rental or a million dollar home. Every home is treated like your CASTLE.

Our dedication to knowledgeable, friendly, and outstanding service set’s us apart from the “other guys”

Who is Like New Cleaning

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Kevin Stolicny (Ownee)

Kevin has been described by Steve Toburen (an industry trainer / business owner) as persistent and obsessively customer focused.  Originally founded in 1995 as KJ Enterprises in Canton Ohio, cleaning has always been a passion of his. Kevin is not afraid to admit that he does lose nights of sleep while figuring out answers to his clients cleaning dilemmas.

Marci Fernino (VP of Operations)

Marci (aka Red) has been involved with LNC for a year. She works both behind the scenes with marketing and research along with website production, and getting her hands dirty on the job. She knows how to run the equipment and is capable of working at any level.

Kevin Chase (partner):

Kevin Chase is true Floridian, growing up in the Sarasota area. He joined forces with LNC bringing his knowledge of Tile Cleaning and Carpet cleaning. Together the K2 group is unstoppable.

Dan Smiley