Tips for promoting your concreting business

Tips for promoting your concreting business

If you are in the concrete industry, marketing may be the furthest thing from your mind—well, unless you are having trouble booking jobs. Then marketing your business is likely the top thing on your mind. This is especially true if you’re looking to build a concreting company Sydney thrives on.

Tips for promoting your concreting business

If you’re a one-person business or have a full-fledged concrete marketing department, the industry does have its own set of challenges. From workplace hazards to bidding for bigger contracts with other firms, it’s critical not to let your marketing campaign languish as your rivals snare all of the local jobs. So, how do you make the building business stand out? Here are some construction marketing tips to help you out-book and out-build your rivals.

Ensure your number is super easy to find everywhere

Construction is one of the sectors where phone calls are extremely important. If there are so many hurdles, if it’s a small resident searching for assistance remodeling their kitchen or a major building corporation looking for a design firm to work on any bigger ventures, the leads will not approach you.

If your ad is on a Google search, a banner on the highway, or a poster at the local store, your well-managed phone number should be linked explicitly to the name of the business to get as many calls as possible.

We looked up “concreting company Sydney” and found these three results right away. Although all three had phone numbers associated with their listings, only some concreting companies were prominently displayed in the top left corner of their website.

To make it as convenient as possible for your leads to reach you, make sure your phone number is prominently displayed on your page, linked to all advertised content on other websites and social media channels, and, of course, that someone is in charge of answering and following up on incoming calls.

Set up Google local service ads

Though we suggest running the regular Google Search and Display advertising, you can also be using Google’s local services ads for construction marketing. What is the reason for this? Since this ad style was designed specifically for your industry! When anyone searches for a “construction company near me” and these advertisements are correctly installed, your service ad with a “Google Guaranteed Badge” will appear alongside a direct connection to your phone number.

Google’s endorsement, the top spot on the SERPs, removing obstacles so your leads can conveniently call you, and just paying for leads are all advantages. What might be more desirable than that?

Make your website helpful for customers

According to Blue Corona, 63 percent of consumers use a contract company’s website to locate and communicate with them, and 30 percent would not accept a company that does not have a website.

Concrete business marketing success depends on having an appealing, convenient, and easy-to-navigate website that allows the leads to get the details they need without getting confused or turned off.

Get super niche with your audience targeting on social media

It’s no secret that social media is common and widely used. According to JBK, 75 percent of building firms today use social media to support their enterprises. This has both positive and negative implications for building firms. The good news is that there are now many more places and resources to advertise your construction company, but standing out in such a competitive field can be difficult.

The beauty of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram is that you can target your audience very precisely. On these sites, the first thing you can do is decide the position you want to target.

Next, think of who you’re trying to reach. In terms of earnings, how can they compare? What are your hobbies and habits? Maybe you have a few target markets and it makes the most sense to create separate strategies to match your content with each. Anything you like, there are plenty of choices, so experiment to see what works for you. Before long, you’ll be appealing directly to your target audience and attracting even more jobs through social media.

Follow up with past customers

Keeping your existing audience —is an important part of growing your audience. If your clients’ feedback was good, whether it was a smaller job you did for a family last year or a commercial initiative you completed many years earlier, it may be worth checking to see whether they have any future requirements that they haven’t yet had time to discuss.

According to Jonathan Weinberg, founder and CEO of Builder Prime, “you should be keeping up with your current clients a few months after finishing a task, only to check in to see if you can help them with something else.” “Because you called, the customer would be impressed, and that could lead to more businesses.

Maintaining these good partnerships is an excellent construction marketing tactic because it not only allows you to work with happier clients, but it also allows you to gain additional business by referrals.

With video accounting for one-third of all internet operation and video driving a 157 percent growth in organic SERP traffic for companies, it’s obvious that video is a marketing tactic that can’t be overlooked! This is particularly true in the building industry, which is so visually appealing. Many beautiful objects are also created as a result of construction projects, so why not showcase them with entertaining video content?

Video is also an excellent way to lend the company’s image a personality. A video showcasing your designs, a timelapse video of the building process, or a friendly company culture video showcasing the diverse personalities of your employees could all help to humanize your company and grow your audience.

Feature your employees

The reality is that concrete marketing is difficult not just because of the high degree of rivalry, but also because you must win your leads’ confidence in order to have some hope of turning them into potential buyers. We’ve also heard building horror stories, which raises the bar for confidence in this business.

That’s why it’s crucial to highlight the company’s human side. Your leads will be able to see the happy real faces behind your concreting companies if you have them in your marketing strategies, and they will feel as if they are getting to know you and your company in every way. This is a small step toward gaining their interest in your products.

Final thoughts

With these actionable tips we’ve mentioned, you can build a topnotch concreting company Sydney can boast of.

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