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Kevin Stolicny

Hello, my name is Kevin Stolicny, and along with my partner Marci Fernino we operate Like New Cleaning. Your Total Floor Cleaning professionals in the Sarasota/Bradenton area.

We Clean:

Carpet and RugsTile and Grout – Hardwoods

Laminates – No Wax Floors – Furniture – Marble and Granite

Since our founding in 1995 we have done everything in to ensure our cleaning products and procedures are the safest and most effective on the market.

Like you, I also need to hire services in my home, and like you I have the same feelings/frustrations when trying to find a new service provider.

•Fear •Suspicion •Doubt •Distrust
•Anxiety •Panic •Uneasy •Defensiveness

Because of this we’ve dedicated ourselves to the “little things” (that are NOT so little) like showing up on time, doing the job right (the first time), and most of all COMMUNICATING with you!

I am proud to say that the reason we’ve thrived is because of our clients. Like any small business we live and die by referrals. Our clients feel confident referring us to their friends, family and co-workers!

I could tell you about cleaning over 3,000 residential homes and dozens of commercial buildings, or my “expert” appearances on radio and TV shows and professional organizations (Kiwanis, Rotary, Mothers of Multiples etc), or how I’ve cleaned in 16 different states, and written articles on my profession, but instead I will simply invite you to view the before and after pictures, and read the testimonials from actual clients here so you can decide for yourself if we are the company for you.

I assure you, at Like New Cleaning we know that before we demonstrate our abilities as cleaners (and we are awesome BTW), we need to prove to you we are pretty awesome and puppies

Well, we are.

We are confident, that once you discover our technical expertise, and our persistent and obsessive customer focus that you will have finally found the
cleaning company you have always dreamed of!

So if you’re in Sarasota/Bradenton, or Palmetto, or Naples, Like New Cleaning is ready to serve YOU!


Kevin Stolicny (aka The Floor Cleaning Guy)
Marci Fernino (aka Red)

Carpet and Rug Cleaning


Carpet and Rug Cleaning


Since 1997, I’ve simply awed clients all over the country with my talent and knowledge of carpet, rug, and furniture cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning


Our biggest advantage for Carpet and Rug Cleaning is my extensive background in textiles (including multiple college level courses) providing us the ability to clean almost every fabric imaginable. I have over 25 years of textile related experience, and over 15 years of Carpet Cleaning I have conducted numerous “how to” seminars for companies and professional associations. I’ve been a guest on a number of radio and TV shows, and hosted “Carpet Guy Radio” on 95.9 WNPQ in Canton, Ohio.


How We Clean Carpets


We primarily use Low Moisture (fast drying) bonnet cleaning for carpet. Hot Water Extraction (“steam”) is available when needed. Our detergents are mixed with a alkaline ionized water that has a negative charge (dirt has a positive charge), so the water itself ATTRACTS the soils. These detergents are highly specialized to encapsulate (or dehydrate) the TINY amount of soil that remains after cleaning so your carpets will literally SHINE when dry (usually less than a few hours). Hydrogen peroxide is used as a booster/deodorizer in most situations.


By combining these ingredients we are often able to clean an entire large house of carpet with less detergent than you would use to wash your car!


We are also specialists in spot removal. Items like bleach, grease, paint, and most hard to remove spots (for a complete list of items we successfully removed click HERE) are no problem for us! Top of the line fabric protectors are also available to ensure your Like New cleaning lasts and lasts. Basic carpet repairs (burns, simple/small seam repairs) are also available.


Rug Cleaning:


Our extensive knowledge of fibers/cleaning processes allows us to clean even the most delicate rugs at a fraction of the cost of taking them to a rug plant.


How We Clean Rugs


Rug Cleaning is very similar to Carpet Cleaning. We use fiber specific detergents along with our alkaline ionized water combined with our Low Moisture (fast drying) bonnet cleaning (Hot Water Extraction (“steam”) is available when needed) to safely clean rugs in your home.


Special drying equipment can also be used (when needed) to ensure a safe process for both your Carpet and Rugs. Top of the line fabric protectors are also available to ensure your Like New Cleaning lasts and lasts.


You have questions we have answers!


We know you must have questions about our service and how things are done. To learn more about Carpet and Rug Cleaning just click on Carpet Cleaning Faqs.


Before and After Pictures


Like New Cleaning takes pride in our services and likes to provide you with enough information so that you can see what our service is about. Please visit our Carpet Before and Afters pages to view some of our work.





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